A Little History Of Our Farm

How it all began

In 1954, a couple by the name of Ralph Styer Sr. and Edna (Lazarus) Styer set out on an adventure of a lifetime.  They moved their family of six children from a large farm in Camphill, Pennsylvania to the farm here on Armstrong Road.  At the time, the farm house was a bit rough around the edges yet the setting was priceless.  It contained the perfect river bottom ground that is optimal for most growing conditions.  Ralph and Edna, along with the help of their young children, grew mainly potatoes, strawberries, corn, and small produce.  Also, on the second story of the barn, they raised baby chickens to sell for meat and eggs. (when they moved here there was only one floor in the barn so they added two more floors to aid in their chicken business) 

In the late seventies to early eighties, Ralph and Edna decided they needed to down size their operation, so they planned on planting a small field of blueberries.  To their surprise, the people in the community and surrounding areas quite enjoyed the berries.  The interest in pick your own blueberries was so strong that they decided to expand the small plot into five acres.    

Currently, the farm is owned and operated by the second, third, and even fourth generations.  Robyn, the youngest grand-daughter of Ralph and Edna, along with her husband and three children live on the farm.  They have been able to expand the business back to its former glory.  Since moving here seven years ago, they have added 6 acres of strawberries, another acre of blueberries, plus a little over an acre of raspberries.  None of which could have been possible without the help and guidance of her father and uncle, Sam and Carl Styer.   It truly is a family run business.   


Berries, berries, everywhere...

Summertime offers wide open spaces and easily accessible fields to park beside.  Please know that children are always welcome when accompanied by an adult.  We love to see our future customers in action!

Strawberry Fields - 4 acres

Raspberry Fields - 1 acre

Blueberry Fields - 6 acres

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