Capturing the moments

This is a slideshow of the photos in our gallery.  We hope you enjoy them and recognize some of the places and faces!

We recommend that you bring your own containers to pick into or you will need to purchase a 5 quart bucket at the farm.  Once buckets have been purchased they are yours to keep.  Buckets can be brought back and used throughout the picking seasons.  Keep going until you see our sign at the top of our lane.Our market during the season.The August Barn Co. knocked it out of the park with our barn restoration.  A quick photo of our barn before the restoration.The August Barn Company restored our barn and gave it life once again.  It will soon be GREEN once again this June.It is a family affair at our farmOne of our blueberry fieldsAlex is all set to wait on you after pickingJarod and Mitch in front of one of our strawberry fieldsThe stone building we use as our storeMay our sign welcome you down our laneOur new 2014 logo.Our country store decorated for the fall season.The front side of the green barn in the summer 2014.Now that is one BIG strawberry!Our newest strawberry field for the spring of 2014.A view down our lane.Look at those clean rows.  Our family works very hard to maintain the crops we grow.  All of our pruning is completed by hand one plant at a time.Freshly picked strawberries in our new field this year.  We will have a little over 6 acres of pick your own strawberries in 2014!Autumn decorating in our store above the fireplace.If you are in a hurry or are unable to make it out to the field on your own, we always fill the wagon with great choices!This year, 2013, is our first year to offer pick your own red raspberries.  They are the Caroline variety and oh so sweet.Our store is fun to decorate.  It was once a home and here is a nice picture of one of the window sills.This is a side view of the "Green Barn" that our farm is named after.  We love to grow and sell all sorts of sunflowers.  Memorial Day weekend 2013 we started a fire in the fireplace.  We believe the last time it had a fire in it was about 50-75 years ago.  In the picture from left to right is Jarod, Margot, Mitch, Mason, and Robyn Schreiber.  The building we are all standing in was once a house!Our black raspberries ready to be picked.A mid-season blueberry bush bursting with fruit.Blueberry heaven during the height of the season.Our home decorated for the fall season.Just a view of the mountain behind our barn and the new blueberry field.Our side yard.A baby calf from the local dairy brought in just for our fall festivities.Some of the fun goats we bring in each fall season for our customers to enjoy.The fireplace located in our store decorated for the fall season.A great place to have your family photo taken in the fall.Our newly renovated store decorated for the fall season.  Many thanks to the talented Tim Pregent for all of his hardworkA view of one of the three strawberry patches.  To the right of the strawberry patch you will see one of the fields of black raspberries.A look at the old chicken coups on our farm right after a fresh coat of paint and flower boxes were applied.Planting pumpkins for the fall season.  Jarod (Owner) checking on the pumpkin patch.The blueberry shed fireplace after the renovations.The blueberry shed after a snowstorm.Our new logo created by our very own Betty O'BrienMargot in strawberry heaven!Margot, Jack, and Scarlet enjoying a day in the strawberry patch.The Green Barn Berry Farm homestead.A view of The Green Barn Berry Farm as you enter from  Armstrong Road.Ralph Styer (second generation) mowing our strawberry crop after the first year of harvest.The Green Barn Berry Farm original logo created by our very own Betty O'Brien!Jarod, Robyn, Mason, Mitch, and Margot Schreiber (third and fourth generations on this farm)The blueberry shed prior to the 2012 renovation.Just so good!
Berries, berries, everywhere...

Summertime offers wide open spaces and easily accessible fields to park beside.  Please know that children are always welcome when accompanied by an adult.  We love to see our future customers in action!

Strawberry Fields - 4 acres

Raspberry Fields - 1 acre

Blueberry Fields - 6 acres

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