Friendly Faces On Our Farm

Staff Members:
Jarod and Robyn Schreiber (Owners, third generation)

In December of 2010, Jarod and Robyn purchased the farm from the Edna Styer estate, Robyn's grandmother.   At the time of purchase, the farm was operating as a pick your own blueberry business.  Within three short years of the purchase, the farm was transformed back into a pick your own strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and pumpkin operation.  With the help of the entire Styer-Schreiber family and friends anything is possible . 

*Jarod is a farmer in training.  Off of the farm, Jarod is actually a full time pharmacist for Wegmans.

*Robyn has worked on the farm each summer since she was fifteen years old.  Her prior career was a high school mathematics teacher.  A family and then a farm soon won over her heart.  She now runs a household and the business side of the berries!

Ralph "Sam" and Cathy "Gabby" Styer (Second generation, youngest son of Ralph and Edna Styer)

Sam is a second generation farmer, at least on this farm.  His grandparents and great-grandparents were farmers as well, but not at this current location.  Gabby is a city girl from Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  Sam and Gabby use to own and operate their own farm and market in Milton back in the 80's along route forty-five.  Sam has also worked for other farmers as well, including Whitenights and his own father.  He has a true passion for growing plants.  He is also the farm's resident mechanic, proud grandfather, and problem solver.  Without their advice, experiences, and dedication, the farm would not be where it is today.

*Our saying around here if something breaks "If Dad can't fix it, it's not fixable"

Carl Styer (Second generation, third son of Ralph and Edna Styer)

Carl, who is one of Sam's older brothers, is our resident electrician, knot maker, idea man, and greeter.  Carl, like Sam, grew up on this farm too.  He would be a second generation farmer on this farm, but comes from a long line of farmers as well.  He is a behind the scenes guy when needed yet enjoys the interactions with our customers.  He, like Sam, has been working the farm since his parents have passed.  His dedication to this farm runs deep in his veins and it shows through in his warm smile. 

*Uncle Carl use to be in the Navy.  If you see anything around here tied up, it is compliments of him.

Berries, berries, everywhere...

Summertime offers wide open spaces and easily accessible fields to park beside.  Please know that children are always welcome when accompanied by an adult.  We love to see our future customers in action!

Strawberry Fields - 4 acres

Raspberry Fields - 1 acre

Blueberry Fields - 6 acres

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