Berry Varieties

Berries and Pumpkins
Black Raspberries
We offer two varieties of black raspberries...

We offer Mac Black and Jewel black raspberries.  The Jewel variety comes in season first.  They are a super sweet berry which are great for jelly, toppings, or just plain eating.  The Mac Black are a later berry and are equally as tasty.

We offer several varieties of blueberries...

Some of the varieties that we currently grow are bluecrop, duke, elliot, berkeley, weymouth, and blueray.  Our original five acre field was started back in the late seventies, early eighties.  Our new field that is located behind the big green barn consists of duke and bluecrop only.  We look forward to picking from this field within the next few years.

We offer one variety, so far, of Red Raspberries...

We offer Caroline red raspberries.  They are a delicious berry which are great for jelly, toppings, or just plain eating.  They are fall bearing.

We offer multiple varieties of strawberries...

We offer a nice array of strawberry varieties.  Our season starts off with the earliglow and then moves into jewel, honeoye, sparkle, cabot, herriot, and allstar.  Each variety has its own unique taste. No matter what your preference, we think we have something for everyone.

Pick Your Own Pumpkin
We offer different types of pumpkins each year...

We offer different varieties of pumpkins and squash each autumn depending upon what our customers prefer.  We carry the typical carving pumpkins that are large in size all the way down to the small baby bear pumpkins.  We also offer edible selections that are best for baking or pies.  On the weekends in the fall, we give hayrides to the patch and set up activities to please even the smallest visitor. 

(Don't forget you can pick RED RASPBERRIES at this time too)

Berries, berries, everywhere...

Summertime offers wide open spaces and easily accessible fields to park beside.  Please know that children are always welcome when accompanied by an adult.  We love to see our future customers in action!

Strawberry Fields - 4 acres

Raspberry Fields - 1 acre

Blueberry Fields - 6 acres

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